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Kashmir's Manasbal Lake reopens for NCC cadets after 33 years. This Pristine lake was closed in the 1990s. It was located in Safapora of Ganderbal District. Amit Choudary became the chief operating officer of WIPRO.


Muslim Personal Law Board says the husband can reject the wife’s Khula Demand.


GHMC is enhanced its share of colony park maintenance by Sr. RISAT-2 an ISRO satellite which was launched in 2009 and gave re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The satellite was launched in 2009.


The officials of Travancore Devastanam designed a mobile app to assist the devotees of Ayyappa

Under Article 142 supreme court insisted All employees who have not opted enhanced pension scheme should opt within 4 months. 


Bihar government makes registration of temples and trusts mandatory, 4000 unregistered temples and trusts have been identified in 38 districts of Bihar.


 Uttarakhand government introducing medical courses in Hindi and English Languages.


Radha Soami Satsang Beas has spread to go countries in the world. It is a non-profit organization established in 1891. Narendra Modi is going to meet Baba Gurinder Singh, the present teacher of this satsang on 5th November.


Siddharth Chatterjee a former military officer in India, worked for Indian Peace Keeping Force in Srilanka, He is leading United Nations agencies in China now.

# Hemanth Soren is the CM of Jharkhand President of Jarkhand Mukthi morcha.

Summoned by ED for allegations of money laundering and Illegal mining under section Representation of Peoples Act, 1951,

the qualification and disqualification for membership of the two houses of the parliament for corrupt practices and other offences in connection with elections. Earlier Ed accused persons including Pankaj Mishra.


#Pahari is a community group o Kashmir, added to the Scheduled Tribes list. It is heterogeneity community inhabited the Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir states.

#DMK wants. Governor RN.Ravi to recall. TR Baalu was tasked to get the MPs' signatures and give the president a memorandum. As per Article 156, a governor can hold his office to the consent of the President for a term of 5 years ... Kerala government want to put forward a recommendation to give recalling powers to the states the government wanted to protest but was fed up with the parallel ruling of the present Governor.


#The horns of the rhinoceros are becoming smaller due to the lessening hunting habits. though Rhinos have existed for many centuries. for 5 centuries, the usage of their horn is not in active. The PRC’s repository was examined by experts with 4000 rhino images.


#Elaben Bhatt a founder of Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and Gandhian passed away activist second of November. She extended her service as Secretary up to 1996 She was awarded, the Indira Gandhi prize.


#Delhi Government has launched a mobile application for frequent travellers who mainly depended on public transport. Through this mobile application, one can see travel through public transportation. Through this app one can buy bus tickets and find out the location of EV Stations and directions to important places


#Virat Kohli Jemimah Rodrigues and Rp. Deepti Sharma was nominated as Indian Cricket club player of the month of October in the men's and women's Categories Virat Kohli was nominated for his heroic performance. T20 world cup. Deepti Sharma and Rodrigues played key roles in the victory of and women's Asia cup.


#As per the Marbi police, the Marbi cable bridge was constructed 140 years ago in the British era the cables were Justy with a lack of maintenance and were not replaced during renovation. The police said, 140 lives would have been saved if they replace the rusty cables on time.

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